Technodrunk is the technology blog by PractoMind Solutions founded by the tech brother due in the year 2016.

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TechnoDrunk was initially founded by Mr. Abhisek Panda in the year 2011. We are a small group of self motivated students. During our study, we extrapolated significant amount of experience and knowledge by handling different types of projects in different fields of interest.

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Abhisek Panda- Founder, Webmaster

At TechnoDrunk we believe in quality, transparency, faith and above all we are here to help everyone in need. provides  articles on Computers programming, such as, C, C++, JAVA, ASP.NET , etc., Reviews of websites, gadgets, etc., tips and tricks. 

At TechnoDrunk you can also get a lot of articles on different topics such as Hosting Management, Domain Management, Reviews, Articles on technical subjects, general articles, tips and tricks and lot more.  We also have a  plan to start a dedicated Forum and chat option for all our clients and subscribers to explain their difficulties and we will try our best to resolve them as soon as possible.

We always work as a team and thus inspire and propel ourselves to finish off every task that is assigned to us. We work on our own terms and that is what makes us so different from others.

This site is open to all of you for free and thus it will always be there. We will help you to grow your small business much faster and accessible to all people around the world. Meet TechnoDrunk group and clients .

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