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How to activate call waiting in Android devices

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Now a days we all use smartphones and most of them run on Android platform. But it has been found that many new users don’t know the detailed functionality of the Android OS. We all know about the call waiting option in our phone. But do you know how to activate or deactivate call waiting in Android platform. In this article I will guide you through the call settings option and will focus on activation/deactivation of call waiting in Android devices running ICS.

Call waiting act as an important option that allows the user to get notification on incoming calls when taking a call. At the same time at the other side the caller will receive a call waiting message rather than the typical busy tone or message.  In all the devices you will find the call waiting option in the call settings menu and its also true in case of Android devices also.Additional Settings CallWaiting

In Android devices to find the call settings you need to go to the settings menu option which depends upon the particular brand of device you are using.  In the settings menu you will find an option called “Call Settings”.

Here you will find many settings like Voice-mail Settings, Call forwarding, Call barring, Noise suppression (depends upon the device brand), Internet call settings and Additional settings. But where is the call settings option. It’s available inside the additional settings. Tap on the Additional Settings and you will get the call waiting option along with the Caller ID settings which is operator dependent. You will get a small check-box to activate or deactivate the call waiting facility in your Android device.

CallWaiting in Android



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