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Concept of Machine Design

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Machine Design is a part of engineering which deals with the creation and development of new machine or existing one.A new machine should design in such a way that it must be economical and technically sound. The process of machine designing is too long and time taking.During the designing of machine we have to focus on some important aspects such as its social and cost benefit,production cost,used technology and its applications,the component of the machine are available in market or not etc..

Types of machine design

Generally there are three category of machine designing such as

1.Adaptive Design:-Designer have to do only some minor modification in the existing one .No advanced knowledge is required.

2.Developement Design:-Designer have to change entire manufacture process and technology process in order to make an existing machine more applicable and more emphatic.

3.New Design:-This designing requires more research, technical ability and creative ideas.

General Considerations in MD

  • Types of load and stresses acting on component
  • Motion of the machine parts/Kinematics
  • Selection of material
  • Size and Dimension of the parts
  • Frictional resistance and lubrication
  • Use of standard unit of measurement.
  • Workshop facilities
  • Cost of Construction
  • Assembling etcMachine Design Processes

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