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Fixing Broken Android Download or Bluetooth Sharing Hangs

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Android is one of the widely used mobile operating systems or in more particular the famous smart phone platform from Google. Android has a lot many exciting features to offer, but it also suck the users at some point of time. One of such situation is when any download or file sharing (Bluetooth) is hanged. You might have tried to reboot the device several times just to remove that downloading symbol from your notification area. In this article I will let you know the simplest way to get rid of that situation along with their effects on the OS if misused.

In case you stocked in the situation of downloading hang or Bluetooth sharing hang, the first thing you need to do is to reboot your device. If still the problem exists you can try the following method,

  • Go to Settings –> Apps –> select the tab “All”. It may differ based on brand of the device as well as the Android version, but you will always find Settings in the menu of your android device.

Apps Settings

  • Now you can search for the app called “Download Manager” if you have an issues related to downloading, or search

DownloadManagerfor “Bluetooth Share” if you are facing problem at the time of Bluetooth sharing. Now tap on the desired app and it will get you to the desired app settings.

  • Here you will find a lot of data saying you about the space being utilized by the app and some other information. You can find many buttons like “Force stop“, “Clear data“, “Clear cache“. To fix the Android Download or Bluetooth share hang you have to either click on Clear data or Clear cache and then you can choose the option Force stop if required.Now let me tell you the use of these three buttons.

The Clear data” will clear all the data currently held by that particular app and may lead to removal of data, settings, authority, etc., So use this option carefully. Suppose you have pressed the clear data in Gmail app, then you will not be able to log in to your Gmail and you need to setup the mail account again.

The “Clear cache” option is quite safe as it will remove the temporary files and space being used by the app currently and is the best option to fix a broken download or Bluetooth share situation.

 The force stop button will stop the running app.

  • Once you click on the Clear cache or Clear data button it will ask you for the confirmation and will also warn you about the security issue that I have already talked about. Now click on the OK button and you will be able to fix the broken download manager or Bluetooth share.DownloadClear

This technique can be used to to handle any hang caused by any app in Android platform. You may face similar type of situation in case of app downloading from Play store or at the time of gaming and even for messaging. Just follow the three simple steps to fix android download or Bluetooth share hang. But use this option very carefully otherwise it may lead to permanent data loss.

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