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Notification Management Got Simpler in Android Oreo

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Just got my device updated to the latest Android Oreo aka Android 8.0 and excited to see the amount of simplification and enhancements done by tram Google. In this post we will discuss perticularly on the improved notification management features that cones handy.

Every time you get a notification just pull the notification to left or right and you got two options to handle, settings and time.

Upon tapping the time icon any notification can be set for a delay time of 15 minutes or 30 mins or 1 hour now with new Android Oreo.

Similarly the new improved notification management in Android Oreo or Android 8.0 brings you to jump directly into the notification setting for that particular app. Although it was also present in previous versions of Android this time Android brings smart app and notification management. The new apps setting menu in Android Oreo give you the option to handle notification in batches too.

The new version of Android Oreo brought a lot of noticeable and handy features on board along with a performance boost too. We will try to bring in an detailed article on some of the most useful features of Android Oreo in our next article.

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