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Query-Your first step towards information retrieval

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Search-the building block of information retrieval
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Before searching anything you need to have a need for the same with a question in mind. This question is called a query which is your first step towards a successful search. In this article we will be trying to define a query, find out its importance and types.

In general terms, a query is a question that is your first step towards information retrieval and is expressed in a formal way. It has been derived from the Latin quaere (the imperative form of quaerere, meaning to ask or seek).

In computing terms a query is a structured format to seek information from either a search engine or a database. It is generally a request made to the system to seek particular information.

A database query can be a select query to retrieve the information or an action query used to do various database operations like update, delete or insert. In this case we use a particular query language as supported by the database.

Now talking about search queries, these are simple keywords, phrases, image or voice related to the information we are seeking from the search engine. Most advance search engines like Google, Bing and others use complex algorithm to understand a user’s request and return related information. You can read how a search engine works to know more.

Previously we were only able to search by entering texts and now it has been advanced to have an image or voice query with multiple conditions. We will be learning in detail about how to make your desired query to search engine in a separate article.

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