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What is Computer Programming

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I will be mainly focusing my articles in explaining basic concepts. to begin with C Programming first of all lets see what is a Program ?

In simple words a program is a set of instructions to the computer system to perform some specific task and these instructions are written using some programming languages and the program written is called a code.

Lets say you are using a calculator to add 2 and 3. To give out the result the calculator program give some instructions to the computer to carry out the addition. To be more specific I suppose you all have used MS-DOS. When you give the DATE command the computer gives you the current date. How its done ? Can computers understand our language ?

The answer is a big no. Computers can’t understand our language as they can only understand 0 and 1 , what we call is a binary number system. So to give instructions to the computer we need to use the language that a computer can understand. From here the concept of computer programming has started and the use of binary language to give instructions to the computer system is called Machine Programming and the language as per a programmers point of view is called as a machine language.

Similarly there are other languages developed that are more user friendly and uses english languages. But we need some intermediate tools such as Assemblers, Compilers and interpreters to convert english language like code to machine language. I will be covering all those tolls in separate articles.


  • A program is a set of instruction to the computer to do some specific task
  • A program is written in some programming language
  • We need some tools to convert programming languages to machine understandable form
  • The program written is called a code

I will keep updating this article and will add more details.

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