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Why we need to install non-market apps in Android devices

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Android OS provides an option to install non-market apps that means apps from sources other than Play store. Installing apps from unknown sources may cause serious problems to your device. But why the latest android versions still have this option available? To get the answer of this question just have a look at advantages and disadvantages of installing non-market apps on Android or installing apps from unknown sources in Android devices.

Advantages of allowing non- market apps in Android

  • You get an option to go beyond the apps available in Google Play store
  • It provides an option to test a new application even before it launch in the Play store
  • If you are an Android Application developer then you can install your app directly to your device by allowing installation of non-market apps.

Disadvantages of allowing non- market apps in Android

  • The application you want to install may contain virus or may be a malware
  • It may hamper your device security by sharing your date with unknown sources
  • The application may be untested app and may cause damage to your device and personal data
  • The warranty or guarantee on the device may be void

Whether to install apps from unknown sources or not?

I will say yes you can install apps from unknown sources. It is a great option for application developers and testers. It can also be useful for a common Android user as he can get his desired app installed. But please keep the below suggestions in mind before you install the non-market apps in your Android devices,

  • Download the app to your PC first (verify that you have an updated antivirus software)
  • Scan the app thoroughly for viruses of any other infections
  • Copy the app to the memory card of your device, scan it and use any “Application Installer” to install the applications from unknown sources in Android devices
  • Developers and Testers may preferably use a separate device to test the application rather than their personal devices as the untested applications may cause serious damages
  • Use the apps from unknown sources at your own risk

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